What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body movement practice that integrates conscious breath with coordinated strengthening and stretching exercises. At Percival Pilates, we focus on centering the mind in order to gain more control, awareness and ease in core musculature and thus the whole body. Sarah Beth teaches through a progressive approach, beginning at your physical fitness level, in order to improve how you feel and move in daily life.

Many people have a compromised posture, muscles that are tight and weak, and are unable to perform physically to their full capacity. Sarah Beth’s goal is to get the body back to its natural state of ability. How does one achieve such a thing?! By practicing intelligent whole body movement with proper alignment. :) Pilates is a very effective modality for addressing chronic pain and tension that stems from incorrect alignment and movement patterns. Sarah Beth will devise a program based on your specific needs!

Mat versus Equipment?

Working on the equipment provides feedback and resistance, and makes it possible to modify exercises done on the mat to either assist or increase the challenge. The apparatuses are designed to provide support to help you understand your postural habits and imbalances which may be causing back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, or contributing to your constant aches. A private or duet session incorporates mat and equipment work both. Mat classes are challenging because you support your body weight and resist against your own body, while props provide extra challenge for alignment and balance.

If you have any questions about whether starting a Pilates practice is the right thing for you, please feel free to email or call and I will answer any questions and concerns as fully as possible. I love questions!

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